Raid Log
21/07 06:14
The Rotworm queen has been spotted!
21/07 06:14
Rotworms are attacking!
21/07 06:13
Rotworms have emerged from underground north of Rookgaard. Exercise caution!
21/07 06:11
Rotworms are climbing to the surface in Rookgaard.
21/07 05:52
Darashia is being overwhelmed by Diabolic beings!
21/07 05:49
The undead are attacking Darashia!
21/07 05:40
Sightings of undead, west of Darashia! Imminent invasion is suspected!
20/07 22:32
The gates of Venore are under attack!
20/07 22:28
Elves have surrounded Venore!
20/07 22:26
A large clan of elves have been sighted headed towards the gates of Venore!
20/07 16:17
Ancient scarabs are making their final push towards Ankrahmun.
20/07 16:16
Ancient scarab reinforcements have arrived to attack Ankrahmun.
20/07 16:15
Ancient scarabs are leading an attack on Ankrahmun.
20/07 16:14
Unusual frequent scarab sightings at the gates of Ankrahmun
20/07 13:08
Slowly but steady, the population of tortoises grows near Liberty Bay.
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