Raid Log
21/06 22:57
Majestic creatures with stripes roam the small desert at Meriana.
21/06 21:27
The Rotworm queen has been spotted!
21/06 21:27
Rotworms are attacking!
21/06 21:26
Rotworms have emerged from underground north of Rookgaard. Exercise caution!
21/06 21:24
Rotworms are climbing to the surface in Rookgaard.
21/06 19:26
Thais is under attack!
21/06 19:20
Orc activity near Thais reported! Beware!
21/06 17:16
The priestesses in Drefia are preparing a black celebration.
21/06 13:14
The gates of Venore are under attack!
21/06 13:10
Elves have surrounded Venore!
21/06 13:08
A large clan of elves have been sighted headed towards the gates of Venore!
21/06 12:07
Orc numbers continue growing under Edron!
21/06 12:06
Deep under Edron, the Orc population seems to grow rapidly. Beware!
21/06 10:04
Terramites north of Ankrahmun!
21/06 10:02
Something is moving under the surface in the sand north of Ankrahmun!
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